Uppdoo: Fine Leather Goods by Ricky Shi

     Toronto is an extremely fashion driven city. Some may even call it NYC’s sibling. However, within the glitz and glam that huge luxury fashion houses bring to this city are many talented independent designers looking to leave their footprint on the fashion industry in the best way possible. Ricki Shi brings the quality, style, and sustainability to his small Toronto shop to meet the needs of every consumer who steps in. 

When you make your way down to Bloorcourt Area, just west of the Annex, you will notice a small and cozy shop, that proudly sports a wooden panel sign with three key words: local, handmade, studio. This is Uppdoo.  Founder and designer for this hand crafted bag and accessory design brand, Ricky Shi, decided in 2012 that he would use all of his skills and knowledge to create high quality and unique handbags and accessories by hand in Toronto. Simple words do not do justice for Uppdoo’s amazing selection of extremely creative and perfectly crafted fashion items. One would have to see it to believe. 

Uppdoos’s most popular items, their leather bags, come in several different colourways as well as pattern options. So for all the indecisive shoppers out there, you have near endless options to choose from! It does not end there though. Uppdoo makes totes, backpacks, satchel bags, and more. You can even have your very own bag custom made for you! Each bag is carefully crafted by hand in Toronto using only the finest leather, canvas and hardware. Uppdoo also sells smaller goods such as leather belts and special occasion cards. 

The boutique also retails many other products from local brands such as jewelry, ties, and sunglasses! If you want to try out your favorite Amevie sunglasses, make sure to stop by Uppdoo, we always stock with the newest designs.

If you are visiting Toronto, or just shopping around your local area, and you want a high quality, sustainable, and fun shopping experience, definitely add Uppdoo to your list. You will not be disappointed.