How is bamboo sustainable?

This springy grass (yes, bamboo is a type of grass; who knew?) grows rapidly in vast areas around the globe. Bamboo is super hearty, and after harvesting, doesn’t need to be replanted, shooting right back out of the ground where it was cut. Compared to hardwood trees, requiring 25 to 70 years of growth, bamboo can be harvested in a speedy 4 to 5 years.

Our sustainability efforts

We spent years researching suppliers and chose those that are FSC certified for sustainable harvesting (check out our quality guarantee). We work diligently to keep our office as paper-free as we can, and for marketing materials we use recycled paper. Our sunglasses cases are made from recycled paper as well. For us, sustainability is part of quality, and we want you to have a product that satisfies, without sacrificing.

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