Our affiliate ambassador program is a great way of making some money and spreading the word about Amevie and Seva!

How it works:

  • Fill out this form to be considered for our ambassadors program
  • You only need to have a blog, newsletter or social media profiles on Instagram or Facebook
  • We provide you with a custom ambassadors package that includes banner images, trackable links and other marketing materials, and we will help you set it all up!
  • You receive very generous commissions on all sales that you help generate
  • There are no fees and no inventory
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With the power of your sales you help children in need see.

If you generate more than 10 sales per month, you become one of our superstar ambassadors and receive bonus benefits! Our superstar ambassadors are featured on our social media channels and on our fundraising page on Seva. We’ll also tell your story on our blog.

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Most of the world’s 39 million blind people would be able to see again if they had access to eye care services. 50% of vision ailments are treatable cataracts that require a 15 minute, $50 treatment. Minor for many of us, yet an unfortunate point of inaccessibility for many. Seva is working hard to distribute this access more evenly.

Each year, Seva-supported programs provide hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world with access to eye care. Seva consistently sets sights on the most underserved populations, helping communities establish life-changing eye care services that help people now and in the future, long after their work is done.

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