Why we are closing for Summer 2021

The pandemic hit us more than a year ago, and as a business we are surviving. We have great partners such as Uppdoo in Toronto and Yobel in Colorado Springs, US and a supportive online community.

At the same time, we are a small family operation. We started the business from our small condo, and I remember spending nights folding boxes with my boyfriend, now husband. Slowly we started growing and we were doing more events than the two of us can handle, and we would hire help from the young fashion community in Toronto.

But life goes on, and my husband and I are taking this summer to focus on us and on our family. We will come back in September, stronger and with new ideas. And while we are away, remember that you can still shop from our local stores. We will update this list shortly with all the stores across Canada, US and Europe that carry our product.

We wish everyone a safe and fun summer! We will be available by email if you have questions about styles, stores, or wholesale questions: hello@amevie.com