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Why shop local during Black Friday Cyber monday sale season

With summer gone, the only thing that most of us really look forward to is the Holiday Season, and let’s face it, holiday gift giving wouldn’t be the same without a good old fashioned Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale season.

This American tradition quickly spread to Canada and in recent year into Europe, and while new devoted fans are still learning the ropes of how to make the most out of a good sale, your closest major retailer is leading the way with unreal discounts.

If you feel the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales are starting earlier each year, or that the sales go deeper and more aggressive, you are not alone. In a game to win, retailers start their sales weeks before American Thanksgiving Day and offer discounts that you’d think they are going out of business. One must wonder if you can discount 80% off goods and still make a profit, why should anyone buy it full price ( and is the full price a true reflection of the value you are getting as a consumer?).

Now, let’s have a look at why you should skip the crowds and support a local business during this Black Friday Cyber Monday sale instead:

  1. A small business may need the extra revenue towards the end of the year to pay bills and salaries. WIth your purchase you help them do just that.

  2. By shopping local you participate in your local economy.

  3. While the sales may be modest, they show the true value of the products you are purchasing from them, typically representing higher quality.

  4. You will definitely not be run over by crowds and you will receive the same personalized service

  5. Your packages will be packaged with care and shipped in no time, without the risk of getting the items stuck in a warehouse backlog.

And there you have it! I am sure you will find many more personal reasons on why you should shop from small and local retailers, and while you are at it, check out our limited time only sitewide sale.