The story behind Simply Amevie

The story behind the Simply Amevie platform

Hello, and welcome to our first post on Simply Amevie. My name is Ana, and I will be posting personal stories here from time to time. I am an entrepreneur and an adventure seeker in life and a while ago I launched my first startup, Luevo – an online fashion crowdfunding platform. The website morphed into a learning hub for fashion designers and a series of consulting gigs for me and my business partners.

To be honest, I didn’t miss being an entrepreneur. I enjoy working for a fun company with an amazing team and the financial stability that it brings. I remember the emotional extremes that I was faced with and the never ending working hours, sometimes with little to no results to show for. But, last year, a lot of things changed and a series of events led me to launching this website. It all started when I became more and more sun sensitive and eventually I found out that I have skin lupus.  I knew nothing of this disease, and I found out that a lot of the symptoms can be offset by proper skin care and lifestyle management. 

Since I can’t really avoid the sun, I started researching and documented ways I can protect myself from the harmful UVA and  UVB rays. I also wanted to continue enjoying my regular lifestyle: sailing, hiking, biking, skiing and even going out to a patio. After speaking with others, I realized that much of this information is not readily available to the consumer.

After almost a year of research and lab testing and together with some very talented and supportive people, I am launching Simply Amevie – a platform where we can all learn how we can lead our lives simply safe in the sun.

What does Simple Amevie mean?

I get this question a lot, mostly because of the unique name. Amevie is a made-up name from two Latin roots: from the word “AMARE” that means LOVE, and a derivate from the word LIFE “VITAE” ( obviously we didn’t use the proper conjugations!). The truth is, I came up with this name by combining my grandmother’s first name with the French pronunciation of my partner’s grandmother’s name: Ame(lia) + (Sil)vie = Amevie. I really liked it and I thought one day I’ll use it for something, so here comes that day.   

Amevie as a name has personal significance, but it represents a lot more. The name stands as a foundation for the brand’s mission: “ To create products that protect us and allow us to love our lives in the sun”. I want everyone to have no worries when enjoying the sun, to feel comfortable and safe. When you think of a sunny day, simply think Amevie.

Join me on this journey,