Hottest beaches of the Meditteranean

Hottest beaches of the Mediterranean

   Blink once if you are tired of this cold and monotonous winter! I see! You are in need of some rest in a really hot and beautiful place. Did you know that now the buzz is all about the Mediterranean beaches? Find out where to travel and what beaches to choose from, having the hottest and the best vacation you have ever had!

Egremni – Lefkada, Greece

Beach in Egremni – Lefkada, Greece, Mediterranean sea

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   This beach is truly iconic and one of the most recognized beaches in the world. Crystal clear water coast is surrounded by the steep cliffs. This is a beautiful beach with breathtaking views on your way down. Unfortunately due to an earthquake it’s almost impossible to reach the beach,  meaning that it’s more cut off from the world than ever. You can adventure out there and be careful with the last part of your climb down as it is quite difficult. There is a climbers rope that you can hold as you’re going down along a very steep cliff, or you can reach it in the comfort of a boat

Benirras, Ibiza

Cala de Sant Vicent on the North East of Ibiza, Spain

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   Ibiza is well-known for being party central, but parts of the island also have a refreshingly relaxed and low-key vibe. Beautiful hidden beaches, turquoise water, white sands, amazing gastronomy, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, and strong traditions… Ibiza has all the ingredients to make it a memorable destination for all types of travelers.  This island boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with some 50 beaches, but Benirras is one of the most picturesque beaches, with exotic turquoise seas and a backdrop of tall pine trees. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend some time here!

Golden Beach, Cyprus

Beach in Golden Beach, Cyprus, Mediterranean sea

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This beach is absolutely the most wonderful beach on the whole Island. Beautiful sand, but extremely hot, be sure to put on your flipflops! The water is lovely – very warm and crystal clean. The beach is normally very quiet with just a few sunbeds and umbrellas. Get away from emails and wifi, and explore mile after mile of this glorious coastline: expect ancient ruins, wild donkeys grazing nearby, and turtles laying their eggs on the beach. Golden Beach offers all the wildlife and picture-perfect views that you could find in the Maldives islands, but without any of the crowds.

Chia Beach, Sardinia

Beach in Golden Beach, Cyprus, Mediterranean sea

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 Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a very long coast and numerous sandy beaches. Spiaggia di Chia in Cagliari is one of Sardinia’s most pristine beaches, and a favourite with locals and tourists alike. The beach is famous for kitesurfing and windsurfing, and dolphins can often be seen swimming offshore. The nature is versatile and provides all year round activities: horseback riding, sailing, even skiing in winter. And the cuisine is exquisite, so this island has something for everyone!

Praia de Miramar beach – Portugal

Beach in Praia de Miramar beach - Portugal, Mediterranean sea

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   It is an upmarket residential area south of the river Douro, most known for its beach – Praia de Miramar (Miramar Beach). Along the beach there are several cafés (“esplanadas”). During the warm summer months, many Portuguese from the surrounding areas of Porto, Gaia and Espinho spend their days at the beach of Miramar, and also at neighbouring beaches of the Costa Verde.

   Although big waves are not usually associated with the Mediterranean, the breakers on Praia da Adraga make the beach a popular spot for surfers. One of Portugal’s best beaches, Praia da Adraga is 30km from Lisbon and is the most westerly stretch of sand in mainland Europe. The sunsets are spectacular, and the seafood at nearby restaurant Azenhas Do Mar, built into the rugged cliffs behind, is well worth sampling.

   We hope that you found some fun beaches to choose from, but if the Mediterranean is not your thing, have you visited one of these most famous beaches from around the world?