5 tips on how to protect your skin when running

5 tips on how to protect your skin when running

   We all have tons of excuses for not running outside. In the winter – it’s too cold, it gets dark  too early and the winter air dries out our skin like a raisin. In the summer – it’s too dry and warm, it is sooooo much better go to the beach and rest instead. But if you are out of all of these excuses and decided to improve your health, here are some tips on how to protect your skin from sun damage when  running.

Tip # 1  Wearing special clothing

   While out running, your skin is exposed to the elements and can be prone to drying, flaking, sunburn and also harmful toxins, as a result of pollution. First off, find clothes that make you feel  physically cool and comfortable during your run. Choose lightweight and quick drying technical clothing. You can also find clothes that help thermo-regulate your body temperature. Try to wear something that you can easily take off when you are warmed up and tuck it away until you cool down and want to warm up again.

Tip # 2 Use sunscreen

   It is especially important to wear sunscreen during the summer! It is going to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which can cause skin cancer, sun spots and wrinkles. If your skin has gone pink or red in the sun, it’s already sunburnt – and sunburn is a clear sign that the DNA in your skin cells has been damaged. Getting a painful sunburn just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma. It is the most serious type of skin cancer, so always make sure your skin is well protected.

    This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use sunscreen in winter, you definitely should.The sun may not feel as strong, but trust us, it’s still here. (Remember the sun’s rays can still peek through on even the cloudiest of days).

    Don’t forget your SPF 15 lip balm!

Tip # 3 Sunglasses

   The Sun can damage your eyes and skin on your head, so,  take preventative measures. The best option is a visor, because it protects your eyes and your face from the sun. But, unlike caps that hold the heat in and at the top of your head, they’re highly breathable. Sunglasses are also important. Try to find sunglasses that can cover your eyes the most, are comfortable and UVA/UVB blocking.

Tip # 4 Water

   Make sure that you drink plenty water, it is one of the best sun remedy for sunburn. Bring a small bottle of water with you, and use it as weight while you exercise, it plays double duty!

Tip # 5   Lozenge

  The final secret on the tip of my tongue: Suck on a lozenge. Many runners complain of dry mouth. Lozenges help generate a lot of moisture, keeping your mouth and throat feeling comfortable and moist.