3 ways to apply sunscreen on your back

3 ways to apply sunscreen on your own back

    If you just realized that you are all alone at the beach -or – let’s be honest who would ask a complete stranger to moisturizer your back with sunscreen, don’t freak out just yet, and don’t give up! Here are 3 fun and sneaky ways to apply sunscreen onto those hard-to-reach places.

The yogi

    This first method doesn’t need any additional tools, but what is needed is just the power and flexibility  of your body. Yoga is not for everyone but you can surprise yourself and everyone on the beach what you can do when you put your body into it. Try it and share those pictures with us!

The plastic wrap method

    If yoga is not your thing, try this: Spray or squirt lotion in the middle of a long cut of plastic wrap and rub it along your middle back as if you were drying off with a towel. Make sure to hold the wrap open wide, so it covers as much surface area as possible. You may need to use a couple of pieces to cover your whole back, as the plastic is likely to scrunch up after a use and become ineffective.

The toilet brush

    Wrap a new toilet brush or any utensil with a long handle and a flat surface at the end with a washcloth ( think of an oversized wooden spoon, a back scratcher, fly swatter, but hey, if you happen to have an extra toilet brush with you – why not?!).

    Secure the wash cloth with some rubber bands or hair ties. Apply the sunscreen to the washcloth. Stand with your back to the mirror and check over your shoulder to make sure you’ve covered every spot as you methodically move the brush up and down and from side to side.

Of course, you can always make friends and meet new people when you ask them to rub some sunscreen on your back, or try one of our methods and tell us how that went!

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