5 fun ways to apply sunscreen to your kids

5 fun ways to put sunscreen on your kids

It’s well-known that too much exposure in the sunlight is harmful as it can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, and lead to skin cancer in later life,  so you have to take care about yourself and your kids. By the way, kids are the most vulnerable as they have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults. But as we all know, getting kids to wear sunscreen is easier said than done. That’s why we collected some games to help you make it a fun experience for the entire family!


  1. Use the sunscreen to create some dots on your kid’s body and ask your child to connect all these dots. You can create outlines of animals,  shapes or things  that the child can recognize.


  1. Give your kids a makeup sponge and let them “paint” the sunscreen on themselves or on you. This game will definitely take a little longer when applying, but for kids that really dislike sunscreen or messy hands, they will love this type of painting session.


  1. Who doesn’t love a good race and bet? You can suggest your kids apply sunscreen as soon as possible, if they win you will buy them some icecream or a juice (also keep them hydrated!)


  1. Play the well-known game Simon Says. Put some sunscreen in your child’s hands and play a quick game of Simon Says Sunscreen. Simon Says put sunscreen on your belly! Simon Says put sunscreen on your right leg!


  1. The most popular way to put sunscreen on your kids is  to distract them with something else! A quick snack or an easy treat like a lollipop, or maybe a few minutes on the beloved toy-just something to distract them while you slather on the sunscreen.


So there you have it! Some quick tips on how to “trick” your kids with putting on sunscreen.  Now, if you or your kids had the bad luck of still getting sunburn, we have these great natural home remedies for you!